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Best Personalized Soap Favors For Every Wedding Style

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Make your wedding favors both practical and unique with this carefully selected collection of soap favors sorted by scents, shape and styles.

Soap as a wedding favor are a great idea because is one of those thingys that can be both, USEFUL for your guests and as personalizable as you want.

Besides, decorating ideas are endless and depending on your level of crafting abilities and/or time you can quickly get them in bulk by ordering them online or you can even DIY for under 1 Dollar with a bit of creativity.

It’s simple: EVERYBODY likes soap, and people who don’t shouldn’t admit it! Kidding.

So, I navigated an endless list of soap wedding favors vendors on Etsy, simply because for this type of favors, I personally prefer buying from small businesses.

Also, most of these options can be personalized and come at a great price.

I can almost smell the eucalyptus now…

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through those links, but rest assured, I only recommend products I would personally purchase and use myself.

Scented Soap Wedding Favors

If your thing is personalizing your favors not only by placing names and dates but by choosing the perfect scent, I found all of these options have THE best reviews by the most discerning noses of Etsy shoppers.

Natural Tea Tree and Lavender Scent Favor

Sooo cute! The decoration for this natural tea tree and lavender scent soap are high quality AND the soap is completely organic. This vendor is based out of Turkey but reviews from orders taken within the United States are extremely positive including the care the vendor puts into packaging and avoiding damage to the decorations.

Soap Wedding Favor Lavender Scent
Image by Etsy

Eucalyptus Soap Favors

My personal favorite scent is Eucalyptus, the decoration for these is top notch also and they have other scents like Lavender, Rosemary, Orange Essential Oil and Lemon Essential Oil.

Eucalyptus Soap Wedding Favor
Image by Etsy

Rose and Orange Coral Scent Favors

In the same line of original scents what about this one that has a variety of colors and scents as Ylang Blue.

Ylang scented soap wedding favor
Image by Etsy

Eucalyptus Greenery Wedding Soap Favors

Also perfect because they come in plastic wrap to avoid getting soap residue in your hands.

Six Eucalyptus Soap Favors
Image by Etsy

Growing up there was a eucalyptus tree in the corner of our street. I remember always trying to reach for the leaves because I loved how they smell. Every time I smell this scent, it brings me back to those days. Hence, my personal favorite.

Beer or Cinnamon Scented Wedding Favors

How original? This one includes classic options like Cinnamon but also Beer, Coffee or even Magenta Pink scents! Also with great reviews.

Cinamon Scented Soap Wedding Favor
Image by Etsy

Poppy Seeds Mini Heart Shaped Soap Favors

This one has reviews about the incredible smell. Vendor has pure white, oatmeal or poppy seeds to choose from.

Poppy seeds heart shaped soap wedding favor
Image by Etsy

Homemade Soap Wedding Favors

While you can 100% make your favorite soap favors with your very own hands, you might be running out of time or simply want to add one less thing to do during your planning. Most of this list includes handmade soap favors by small business creators from Etsy but I still wanted to hand pick my favorites so here they are.

White Soap Wedding Favors

This vendor offers only white soap but they do have the option of customising the color of the flowers with nearly 50 combinations including of course, neutral tones, that look absolutely beautiful.

White Soap Wedding Favors
Image by Etsy

Coral Reef Color Soap Wedding Favors

If you are looking for a specific tone like coral reef, Mont Rose Natural Soap has the perfect tone with this sandalwood dye that you can choose in different scents like lavender, peppermint, orange, and sandalwood.

Soap wedding favors coral reef color
Image by Etsy

Personalized Soap Wedding Favor

If your thing is really original personalization, this one comes with a super cute wooden token that can be engraved with names and dates. Also in tons of different color varieties.

Personalized Soap Wedding Favor
Image by Etsy

Rustic Themed Wedding Favor

Last but not least, this rustic option with Turkish Bath scent can be the perfect goodie for barn or backyard weddings.

Backyard Wedding Soap Favor
Image by Etsy

Perfect Pear Soap Wedding Favor

This one you can find online with different vendors but this one on Etsy is my favorite and has great reviews.

The Perfect Pair Wedding Favor
Image by Etsy

Want the perfect pear soap but with a different saying? How about…

  • Perfect pair, perfect match: Thanks for sharing our special day!
  • Our love is ripe and ready to share: Thank you for celebrating with us!
  • A little something sweet to remember our special day: Enjoy these perfect pear soap favors!

Seashell Soap Wedding Favors

Beach wedding much? Seashells will never go out of style, specially with this beautiful decoration and personalizable tags. Oatmeal & shea butter sea shell soap favors are perfect for your beach wedding.

Seashell soap wedding favor oatmeal and shea butter scent
Image by Etsy

Seashell Wedding Favors In Different Colors

Choose between green, beige, white, pink, baby blue or purple.

Different Color Seashell Soap Favor
Image by Etsy

Heart Shaped Soap Wedding Favors

Aren’t this the cutest and most original little hearts. Vendor doesn’t offer label personalization but they have a bunch of scents including Honey Almond, Lavender, Sugar Cookie (YUM), Pear Vanilla, Rose, Cucumber Melon and a long etc.

Heart Shaped Soap Wedding Favor
Image by Etsy

Heart-Shaped Custom Vegan Soaps with Real Roses

Cute, sustainable and useful. Perfect combo in a variety of tones and scents, including Turkish Bath, Strawberry and Floral.

Heart shaped vegan soap wedding favor
Image by Etsy

Mountain Shaped Soap Favors

A Mountain of Thanks! I looove how unique this one is. Ideal for couples that love the outdoors, have a rustic themed wedding, or have been watching too much Yellowstone lately, like my husband and I.

Rustic or Mountain Themed Wedding Favor
Image by Etsy

Wedding Favors Soap Sign Ideas

You have your goodies now, but how will you display them? Anything from a cute basket to a simple table with a nice table cloth will do the job. And if you want to be extra thoughtful and have a sign that indicates your guests are welcome to pick their favorite soap, here are some ideas.

Ooor, you can also add these sayings to your soap tags. Either or, they will look really nice and add a touch of fun to your idea.

Scent-sational memories from our special day!

Everybody loves a play on words.

Saying for soap wedding favor sign

If Your Love is a Soap Opera…

Our love is a soap opera but with a happy ending wedding sign

Lots of love and lots of bubbles

Wedding Favors Soap Sign Idea

How can you DIY Soap Wedding Favors On Budget

If you are looking for an option just as beautiful as the ones above but you really don’t want to spend that much on your favors, you can totally make your own soap goodies with a little bit of creativity. This is how to make beautiful soap favors for under 1 dollar in only one day:

DIY Soap Wedding Favors under 1 dollar
  1. Buy Pre Made Handcrafted Soap Loaves For ~$18. You can also DIY batch but if you are running on a tight schedule you might as well just buy a big chunk of soap. There are very good vendors out there. Also, the supplies to make your own batches of soap can get pricey if you are planning on doing this just once. A soap mold alone goes from $13.
  2. Cut Soap Loaves Into Smaller Pieces. They do come precut in standard bar size, you don’t have to cut THAT many.
  3. Get Decoration Supplies From Your Favorite Craft Store ~$17. For the example above I only bought: cellophane bags, metallic jute rope, crinkle shred paper and Thank You stickers.
  4. Add Tags: Stickers or Personalize Your Own ~$3

How much should you invest in wedding favors?

If you are anything like me it is easy to get carried away once you are sucked by the parallel world of Pinterest. So if you want to add some type of boundary to your own desires, keep wedding favors affordable and according to your budget; most people may spend about $2 to $3 per guest in their favors. Naturally, this can vary widely depending on the type of favor you choose and the number of guests you have. For my wedding, I only gave one wedding favor per family because my mom would’ve murdered me if I asked her to cross-stitch more than a 100 brides and grooms.

Ultimately, the decision of how much to invest in wedding favors is yours, also remember that wedding favors are not a must-have item. Some couples opt to skip wedding favors altogether and that is 100% okay. Do what makes you and your budget happy!

Are soaps a good wedding favor idea?

Yes, and for several reasons: They’re practical – guests can use them at home and be reminded of your special day every time they do; They can be customized to match your wedding theme or color scheme, making them a personalized and memorable keepsake for your guests. And with so many unique soap scents and designs available, you’re sure to find an option that suits your style and budget.

Plus, soap favors are often more affordable than other types of wedding favors, which can help you save money without sacrificing quality.



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