Soap With Wedding Favor Saying: Scent-sational memories for our special day.

7 Sayings for Soap Wedding Favors That Are Truly Unique

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Looking for original play on words for your soap wedding favors? Get inspired and personalize your own with these unique sayings.

Soap wedding favors are one of my favorite ideas not only because they are useful and people actually like them, but because it is one of those things that are still a bit unexpected and can really surprise your guests. Also they are SUPER easy to personalize and they come in all ranges of budgets. If you are into crafting, you can even DIY!

To give you ideas on what to write on wedding favor tags for soaps, I put together a list of seven catchy sayings, simple but cute and sometimes punny.

If you like one of these and want to put them on stickers or tags, you can either DIY or go to Esty and choose your favorite creator. Keep in mind that you will need a tag that has enough space to place these sayings. Specially for those with a longer word count.

Enough of that so here are 7 unique sayings for soap wedding favors:

Unique Sayings For Soap Wedding Favors

1. Scent-sational memories from our special day!

Favor Soap With Saying: Scent-sational memories from our special day

Choose a scent that matches your wedding theme, such as lavender or rose, and personalize the label with your names and wedding date.

2. Our love is a soap opera but with a happy ending!

Favor Soap With Saying: Our love is a soap opera but with a happy ending

This is the perfect soap pun for a wedding. It can be cheeky or not but always suitable for a fun couple. Choose a soap with a bold fragrance, such as citrus or peppermint, and wrap it in a colorful paper or fabric.

3. A lot of love and a little bubbles!

Favor Soap With Saying: A lot of love and a little bubbles

You can choose a soap with a bubbly texture, such as goat milk or glycerin, and tie a ribbon around it in a bright color.

4. Soap-tacular memories for our wedding day!

Favor Soap With Saying: Soap-tacular memories for our wedding day

Choose a soap with a unique shape or color, such as a heart or star, and personalize the label with a fun graphic or pattern.

5. A perfect blend of love!

Favor Soap With Saying: A perfect blend of love!

Show your guests that your love is the perfect combination of sweetness and spice with this saying. Choose a soap with a warm and inviting scent, such as vanilla or cinnamon, and wrap it in a soft fabric or paper.

6. Suds up, buttercup, it’s time to celebrate!

Favor Soap With Saying: Suds up buttercup, its time to celebrate

This saying is perfect for a wedding that’s all about letting loose and having fun. Choose a soap with a bright and bold color, such as orange or yellow, and personalize the label with a quirky font or graphic.

7. A bubbly celebration of our love

Favor Soap With Saying: a bubbly celebration of our love.

You can go for a soap with a luxurious fragrance, such as jasmine or sandalwood, and wrap it in a delicate tissue paper or fabric. 

Naturally, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing and presenting your soap wedding favors. Let these sayings inspire you and make your wedding day even more memorable for you and your guests.

How to display soap wedding favors:

  • Set them at each guest’s place setting, so they can take them home after the reception.
  • Display them on a dedicated table or tray near the exit, so guests can grab them on their way out.
  • Arrange them in a decorative basket or box near the guestbook or photo booth, so guests can grab them while they wait in line.

What to write on wedding favors

Finding the perfect words to present your wedding favors can be a delightful challenge. Fear not, for we’re here to infuse your favors with just the right touch of humor and charm with these 35 clever ideas for wedding favors sayings.

How can you DIY Soap Wedding Favors On Budget

If you are looking for an option just as beautiful as the ones above but you really don’t want to spend that much on your favors, you can totally make your own soap goodies with a little bit of creativity. This is how to make beautiful soap favors for under 1 dollar in only one day:

DIY Soap Wedding Favors under 1 dollar
  1. Buy Pre Made Handcrafted Soap Loaves For ~$18. You can also DIY batch but if you are running on a tight schedule you might as well just buy a big chunk of soap. There are very good vendors out there. Also, the supplies to make your own batches of soap can get pricey if you are planning on doing this just once. A soap mold alone goes from $13.
  2. Cut Soap Loaves Into Smaller Pieces. They do come precut in standard bar size, you don’t have to cut THAT many.
  3. Get Decoration Supplies From Your Favorite Craft Store ~$17. For the example above I only bought: cellophane bags, metallic jute rope, crinkle shred paper and Thank You stickers.
  4. Add Tags: Stickers or Personalize Your Own ~$3



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