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Gaby Moreno

Gaby Moreno

In the end, it should all be about celebrating love and those who we are grateful for.


Hi there, and welcome to ThanksTruly! I’m Gaby Moreno, and I’m a crafts enthusiast with a dorky fondness for memorable wedding favors ideas. I created this website to share ideas with brides and grooms that are looking for something truly unique to say Thank You

In my opinion, yes, wedding favours are an absolute nice to have when it comes to planning. After all, you are already spending a lot of money on everything else.

But, if you are a hopelessly romantic like me, you will find it impossible NOT to put that extra effort into the idea and have your guests walk away with something else other than -hopefully- great memories.

So here is my own wedding favors story!

Warning: it’s going to get as mushy as my picture on the swing

DIY Mason Jar Wedding Favor Double As Table Decor

I was born and raised in Mexico, so I was always surrounded by vibrant colors and artesanos that created the most incredible objects. I loved watching my mom, aunts, and grandmother always making something with their hands. But honestly, it wasn’t until my own wedding in May 2019 that I rediscovered how much I enjoy being crafty.

We were having a destination wedding and guests traveling from all over the US and Mexico to Playa del Carmen, México. I knew I wanted to make sure our guests knew how much it meant for Jon, my husband, and I to have them make the trip. So I spent more hours than I care to admit creating Pinterest boards and searching for inspiration. 

Finally, I found an idea and convinced my mom to become the master creator of my wedding favors. I bought 50 + Mason Jars online, and -only with the love that a mother can have- she took on the job of cross stitching about 70 tiny brides and grooms couples that we placed atop of the jars. She even added her interpretation of my husband’s hairstyle. 

Cross stitched wedding favor idea

I think the finished products were incredibly cute. I put tiny light candles from Michael’s inside the jars that doubled as table decorations. Finally, during a night of an overwhelming sense of excitement, I wrote personalized thank you notes to each of our guests, printed them, and tied them around the top with jute twine.

Yes, they took hours to complete, but the joy and gratitude I felt as I wrote something unique, remembered our stories, and shared appreciation was indescribable. In the end, my mom, my dad and my brother helped put the whole thing together too. One day before the wedding my brother said: “I didn’t know you were this crafty!”, this, while nervously putting notes inside the tiny envelopes. Gracias, hermanito!

My husband Jon and I, my brother and his wife, my parents and my little nephew. I have TWO nephews but he is not in the picture because he was being... difficult.

Well, the best part is I think our guests LOVED our little jars too. Even now, years later, I still have friends and family who tell me how much they cherish them. Some use them to store trinkets or jewelry, while others keep them on display as a reminder of this special day.

Honestly, I feel our wedding memories have become even more meaningful as the years go by. Specially after the pandemic. Also, my dad got sick the year after my wedding and sadly, he will never be the same. That is why I feel even more happy now that we put all that effort into having such great time and saying Thank you, Truly, to all of our guests for being there with us. 

So yes, with weddings, things may be overpriced, family members will cancel at the last minute, and unexpected things will happen. But also, weddings are rituals that connect us closer as human beings and celebrating love and gratitude -no matter how- is ALWAYS a great idea.